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The Random Quasi-Scientific Theories that give this site its name, ranging from the sequel to string theory to the immanent Hippophant invasion. The Anti-Nuke theory is the longest by far; all are arguably equally accurate.


Indoor Sports

Crazy pool, bizarre poker, extreme snap, and various other severely distorted indoor games.



LecnÝzε ŋuchεg lÝ pliuthi fo drelit siu, cutsu ec siu, dnus Conlaŋ cÝ drierε pfiniεgh.

Arguably a different site, and is hence not as glowing-green-ish as everything else.



This page started off as a bunch of doodles from PowerPoint one afternoon, that happened to look scarily like something you might see in an art gallery. Over time, they seem to be gradually transmuting into a webcomic about subatomic particles.

No, I'm not sure where that one came from either.


Strange Things

...not that I'm trying to imply that the rest of the site isn't strange enough already.

Here's everything else that I couldn't fit in any of the other categories.


Everything Else

The Site Map, Survey, News, E-mail and Links pages.


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